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Link to Invisible Borders on Facebook

Link to Invisible Borders on Myspace

Reader about possibilities of advocacy with charges about violation of the Residenzpflicht
from the lawyer Gilda Schönberg (in German)

Link to the internet site residenzpflicht.info with information on obligatory residence and the report ›Keine Bewegung! Die Residenzpflicht für Flüchtlinge. Bestandsaufnahme und Kritik

Link to the internet site of the Flüchtlingsrat Brandenburg

FIB (Flüchtlingsinitiative Berlin-Brandenburg)

Refugees Emancipation - a project for self organisation and empowerment for refugees, who among other things opened internet cafés in several refugee homes in Brandenburg

Bike Aid - bicycles for more freedom of movement

Corasol (Contre Racisme - Show Solidarity!) with information about
anti-racist shopping in Hennigsdorf and other topics (mostly in German)

Link to the Audiofeature ›Die Freiheit nehm' ich Dir by the workshop ›NoFortressEurope of the Naturfreundejugend Berlin (in German)

Link to the AStA of the University of Potsdam

Raumerweiterungshalle - website of the first venue of this exhibition