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Picture from the burnt down Haus der Demokratie in Zossen:   




Press release, Berlin 4 April 2010


After commitments of funding, the reconstruction starts in May

The exhibition of Philipp Kuebart, an architect from Berlin, „Residenzpflicht – Invisible Borders“ with a unique concept was burned down on the night of the 22nd January, 2010 after an attack by right wing extremists on the Haus der Demokratie in Zossen. Despite this setback, it was decided to reconstruct the exhibition.


At the moment, its concept is being revised and updated so that the construction can start in May and the reopening in the summer. On the basis of films, models and installations the daily discriminations that restrict the freedom of movement of asylum seekers is described.


A group of ten has come together to reconstruct the exhibition and over the last months they could obtain funds and contact with potential locations for the exhibition. The team still needs reinforcement to manage the organisational tasks (fundraising, public relations, keeping contact with exhibition locations and schools).


Furthermore, for this year, it is planned to show the exhibition as a travelling exhibition. Therefore, cooperation partners and places are searched for all over Germany. With the aim to present “Residenzpflicht – Invisible Borders“ with a corresponding programme of events, donations of goods and money are needed.

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