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From 17 June until 14 July 2011 the Exhibition will be shown    
  in Trier at the Volkshochschule


Trier, Volkshochschule (17 June until 14 July 2011)
Dortmund, Fachhochschule (31 May until 10 June 2011)
Luckenwalde, Kreishaus (9 until 27 May 2011)
Bielefeld, University (18 April until 5 May 2011)
Stuttgart, DGB-Haus (27 February until 12 March 2011)
Frankfurt am Main, Klapperfeld (5 until 24 February 2011)
Cologne, FliehKraft (11 until 21 January 2011)
Cottbus, IKMZ (8 until 21 November 2010)
Frankfurt/Oder (18 October until 4 November 2010)
Berlin, HdD (21 June until 2 July 2010)
Hannover (11 until  21 January 2010)
Potsdam (17 October until 14 November 2009)
Berlin (18 June until 5 July 2009)

University Bielefeld
Entrance Hall

Universitätsstraße 25
33615 Bielefeld

Opening hours:
mo - fr: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m.
sat: 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.
sun: 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Free entrance. Donations are welcome.

Pictures of the exhibition in Bielefeld:        


Events of the exhibition period in the University Bielefeld:

Link to the event programme

Mittwoch, 20. April 2011, 18 Uhr / Universität Bielefeld / Raum U2-119
The Asylum Seekers in Germany
This presentation intends to do a conceptual clarification on the meaning of asylum. It also will shed light on the problems faced by asylum seekers in Germany and possible antidotes to these problems. It, as well, analyses some political problems in Nigeria.
Joseph Adekanmi holds a BA degree in Philosophy from the University of Ibadan (Nigeria) and is a politician in the Nigerian ruling party PDP. For 1,5 years he has been living in Germany as an asylum seeker due to political problems.

The presentation is told in english.

Flüchtlinge in OWL - Eine Bestandsaufnahme
Mittwoch, 27. April 2011, 18 Uhr / Universität Bielefeld / Raum U2-119
The media often reports on the situation of refugees. What is not told is the life of refugees who live in Germany. Franck Gockel will tell about the daily life of a refugee: Their first arrival, intake interviews, waiting for decisions, living in poverty, the steady fear of deportation, custody pending deportation and life in "illegality". He talks about individual stories and relates them to the situation in OWL. A presentation about normal life of people who are pushed at the edge of this society and partly beyond that.

Frank Gockel is working as a counsel for refugees in personal and law questions, e.g. at the AK Asyl and the Verein gegen Abschiebehaft.

Flüchtlingshilfe im internationalen Kontext
Donnerstag, 05. Mai 2011, 20 Uhr / Universität Bielefeld / Raum V2-213
Aliens law must be regarded under an international perspective. In this process next to national states and confederations, also international nongovernmental organisations as UNHCR and IOM play an important part. For outsiders their role is often unclear as well as national, european and international laws supplement each other. The presentation shall give an overview of international protagonists in refugees aid and show how the "Fortress Europe" developed.

Dr. Constantin Hruschka is a lawyer and works as a counsel in law for UNHCR in Genf. He gets in touch with the reality of refugees and with the judicial basics that define refugees' lifes.

Flyer with event programme as
pdf-download (ca. 4,7 MB).


Invisible Borders
AStA Uni Bielefeld